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Residential Property Haywards Heath – Rosco-Design


Renovation Expert

Residential Property Haywards Heath

After an initial consultation with the owner to define the elements within the property that required refurbishment I completed this “on time and on budget” project. Re-decoration was the principle activity within the property to enable a successful entry into the sales market.

IMG_8074  IMG_8076

After a day (a very long day!) of sanding and a few coats of oil, the kitchen worksurface was given a new lease of life.

IMG_8077 IMG_8078 IMG_8079

The kitchen colour scheme.

IMG_8080 IMG_8081

IMG_8345 IMG_8346

Bedroom wall running repairs and preparation before painting.

IMG_8083 IMG_8084 +IMG_8085

Bedroom wall after painting.

IMG_8334 IMG_8342


Other re-decorated areas:

IMG_8335 IMG_8336 IMG_8337 IMG_8340IMG_8338      IMG_8344

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