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Bathroom Renovation, Hackney, London – Rosco-Design


Renovation Expert

Bathroom Renovation, Hackney, London

Client Specification:

  • Modernize old bathroom
  • Do not use tiles
  • Re-model incorporating a large shower and remove bath
  • Introduce additional lighting

Rather than offering a lackluster, standard design similar to the competition, I suggested that we ditch the wall paneling and incorporate other materials such as glass and mirror.

Below is the competitors design style proposal, tidy but unimaginative. I wanted to provide my client with a new sleek contemporary, relatively minimalist design.


These 3d designs are iterations of an idea that I had in mind, namely using glass panels rather than tiles or unattractive pvc panels. I also suggested to the client that we could introduce a glass panel into one of the stud walls of this windowless bathroom to allow light in or at least make a light feature.sarah-bathroom-03_1sarah-bathroom-03_2 sarah-bathroom-03_3 sarah-bathroom-03_4 sarah-bathroom-03_5

The client’s old bathroom

Demolition begins…….

Building the structure for the shower controls.

Building the structure to secure the glass shower screen. My design incorporates a recessed diffused LED light strip which contributes to this bathroom’s lighting scheme.

I custom designed my LED channel to be recessed within the ceiling, a lot of work but well worth the effort, ie no unsightly aluminium channel visible to the eye.

Rebuilt ceiling

Creating the opening in the stud wall to accommodate the new glass wall light feature.


I relocated the ventilation to an external cupboard which allowed for a more powerful fan in order to offer the client improved ventilation.

As always, I offer variations on furniture layout even though we have a design in mind. It is often advantageous to be flexible during the building process in order to find a new solution which hadn’t been previously contemplated, physically laying out furniture in situ offers a deeper feeling of space over and beyond a 3d design.

Getting ready for a skim coat of plaster, we need to be millimeter perfect here!

The original design had the radiator remaining in its original position, in front of the new glass wall. When the time came it was obvious to me that this simply would not work so I moved it to be located against the wall. The client could see the benefit and found budget to cover this unexpected improvement.

Getting ready for plastering.

Radiator pipes moved into wall cavity so that we could install a nice hall-hung radiator.

Leveled floor to conceal the pipework.

The big day has come, after a massive 3 week delay by the glass suppliers, we finally received our glass. With a helping hand from Kate, we used adhesive to affix the painted glass into position. Measurements and templating worked out perfect! Glass templating can be a stressful time for sure.

The fitted joinery could now be installed. Using moisture resistant MDF.

Work in progress, just after painting, nearly finished now.

The big day, all of the glass has been installed.

IMG 0392 from ross ross on Vimeo.




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