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Property renovation, Brighton – Rosco-Design


Renovation Expert

Property renovation, Brighton

Initial client specification:

Design, manufacture and install a piece of storage furniture which also acts as a staircase leading up into an attic room. Material of choice was 24mm birch faced plywood.

[Client specification was increased to include a full property renovation.]

Initial 3d sketches to show my client the proportion and design iterations of the furniture:

My cutting list that I provided to my timber supplier:

Work gets started by creating the void within the ceiling:

The next task was to assemble the modular pieces that I had previously created in the workshop:

The structure is nearly complete

Creating the attic banister and flooring:

Plastering gets underway:

Flooring, subfloor repaired, hardboard laid, underlay and finally the new engineered real wood flooring:

Project Coming To An End




Kitchen Fitted

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